In my EXPERIENCE from pasts work, its worth thinking about the hole space you are looking at doing. With a bit of extra THOUGHT you can put a few extra up grades you can ACHIEVE a better finish at the same time. Some times money may be a bit tie but it worth it to add just that little bit more.

Things like 

Insulation CCBuilding
Things like, if you redoing your Cladding at the same time adding Insulation. We installed earth wool r2.5 90mm into the framing.
Its not a MASSIVE cost add but will save you money with heating, cooling & noise as well.   
Adding a Sky Light to an open plan area of a Bathroom etc. This was a fix Velux type but you can can opening in Manual or remote control, plus BLINIS & fly screens as well. Its worth looking at to cut you eletrical cost down. 
Renovation Drainage
When Working on this trench to install new Power, storm & waste pipes we all so fixed up an sub floor drainage problem. By adding extra pipes & Agg drainage lines from under the house witch fixed the problem.

When doing a Renovation on this house we are to replace all the windows. as they lived on a nosy road they up graded the front windows to block out more nose. a small cost for less nose.